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End of Lease Negotiation Consultancy

Our years of experience make us an excellent addition to your exit strategy even before the commencement of works. End of lease negotiations and repairs agreements are often passed between fee-earning advisors and consultants with limited or no real-world experience of the tasks involved. Because we actually deliver the work of repairs and reinstatements for both tenants and landlords, we know how much they cost and understand where responsibility should be properly apportioned. A practical knowhow which ensures our clients on either side of the negotiation can find the best possible deal.


Equipment Removal and Decommissioning

If you have critical equipment that must be removed from site in-tact, either for sale or future use, our dedicated engineering teams are here to help. We uninstall, package, and transport a variety of machines from sensitive pharmaceutical systems to site service plant. And our carefully documented decommissioning procedures ensure that whatever we remove can be put back together at the other end in full working order.

Where there is equipment on site that is no longer required or has not been sold on, we are able to build this into your revenue recovery model. For saleable items, we are partnered with a number of global vendors of used equipment and spares. For everything else: We will always be diligent in the extraction of additional value from materials and components.

Lastly, with a network of warehousing across the country, we are also able to securely store equipment large and small on both long and short term bases. We are even able to recommission machinery once you are ready to resume production.


Soft Stripping Non-Mobile Assets

A ‘soft strip’ is the removal of non-mobile assets assets from a building including cable, pipework, ducting and transformers as well as nonstructural aspects of the facility itself. We take pride in the rigour and detail of our approach to the soft-strip process. By being thorough and by processing materials ourselves, we help our clients maximise revenue form often overlooked assets — creating considerable credit from items that might previously have been a cost to remove.

In addition to the economic benefits of a truly comprehensive soft strip, properly managing this process also ensures an absolute minimum of waste upholding our shared commitment to minimise the environmental impact of everything we do.


Dilapidation, Repairs and Making Good

Where buildings on a site are to be maintained, dilapidation works prepare a site for the next occupant by restoring it to an agreed standard. Unless you own the building outright, dilapidations will be a legal requirement which must be fulfilled prior to handing a site back to the landlord. In most cases, a survey of the site will be produced with a schedule of repairs complete with a costing that, if paid by the tenant, would allow them to hand responsibly for dilapidations back to the landlord.

These schedules are invariably extensive documents including, for example: removal of mezzanine floors, removal or rebuilding of walls, repairs to external or ceiling panelling, filling voids, repairs to car-parks etc. And matching this enormous list will be an equally high price that will preclude any opportunity for tenants to reclaim the full value remaining on site.

By conducting the dilapidation work through us, instead of simply acquiescing to the original figures, our clients are able to make significant savings against that costing. In addition to this, we have a proven track-record of turning a number of dilapidation items around for our clients by generating credit through the work we do to and bringing the final bill down to an absolute minimum.


Demolition and Remediation

Where buildings and structures are to be removed, we are properly equipped to undertake every aspect of the demolition process. Having worked across multiple sectors on facilities of varying age and scale, we understand the unique challenges presented by demolishing industrial sites. We are therefore fully qualified in the proper removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials, ensuring your site is left clear and safe.

We also know that knocking down buildings is only one part of a demolition project. Slab removal, groundworks and the remediation of contaminated land are all part of a complete skillset which works in partnership with our clients, developers and local authorities to prepare the site for whatever comes next.


Short-Term Bridging Tenancies

Lease end-dates rarely coincide neatly with the need to clear a site. And because no tenant wants to pay for the maintenance, security and rates on an unused facility, they are often presented with a lump-sum which can be paid to conclude the lease early. There can, however, be a far more productive alternative to this substantial extra cost: To sublet the site to short-term tenants who ‘bridge’ the time between our client’s vacating a facility and the end of their lease agreement.

Where bridge projects like this are viable, we have an excellent record of securing tenancies, filling the available space and managing sublets at a multitude of scales. We also specialise in time-periods of under 42 months for which conventional realtors often struggle to find occupiers. Once again converting a potential cost into a new revenue-making opportunity for those we work with.


Construction Design Management (CDM)

We have the knowledge and experience to provide and undertake duties as Principal Contractor under the Construction Design Management.

As part of our service we also offer an advisory service, Construction Phase Plan, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and all other relevant services as Principal Contractor to confirm to the “Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015”.


Project Management

While we are always happy to work with an appointed Project Manager, we are fully capable of taking on the role ourselves, and find working directly with our clients this way offers multiple cost and time benifits.

Even if we are not undertaking works ourselves, our first-hand experience makes us an ideal candidate for managing your project. To this end, we offer time, cost, scope and quality management throughout to ensure a smooth process and successful completion.

Initiating the project – We will define what the project will achieve and work with the client to agree deliverables.

Planning – We will record and assign all the tasks and deadlines for the project.

Execution – We will collect and allocate the resources and budget available to specific tasks.

Monitoring – We will oversee the progress of works and update the project plans to reflect actual performance.

Handover – We will ensure the outcomes delivered by the project are accepted by the client enabling handover to be completed.