Hidden Assets Ltd.


John Moran
Darwen Manufacturing Operations Manager
Crown Paints Limited

Early in 2022 Crown Paints Ltd. chose to close its Water-Based Manufacturing Operations in Darwen, Lancashire and re-purpose the buildings for Storage and Distribution.

The timescales were tight and having been aware of Hidden Assets (HA) from a former role in the Glass Industry, I had no hesitation in getting them on board.

The task to dismantle and demolish a range of paint manufacturing equipment and its associated systems was handled Safely and effectively by the HA team and the whole project was delivered on time and to the agreed costs.

A number of environmental issues were handled sympathetically, carefully and in a controlled manner, and the Crown team quickly accepted that the HA knew exactly what they were doing and were, without question, the right people for the job.

As part of the de-commissioning, the record-keeping from HA was impeccable and all aspects of Safety were set, monitored and recorded throughout the three month project.

At the end of the project I walked through the site with their team and was delighted with the result. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone with this kind of work needing to be done.

Great job to all of the Hidden Assets team.

Michael McGilly
Global Health, Safety and Sustainability Director
Financial Times

We reached out to Hidden Assets Limited based on the strength of their references and our familiarity with their work on a neighbouring site some years ago. After an initial consultation and proposal, we chose to work with them as they were able to offer a comprehensive solution to our decommissioning project backed by a well-proven track record of successful project delivery. 

Once engaged, Hidden Assets worked closely with us to develop a highly detailed Scope of Works based on how the building needed to be left. This process provided excellent accountability in how the project was carried out, leaving no grey-areas or guess-work as to what was required. They also worked with our legal team to help form the contract which enabled us to speed up the front-end of the job significantly. 

The project itself required the removal of two presses, our post-press systems and a number of internal structures in preparation for handing the back the site to our landlord as a clean and empty shed. We had only six weeks between ceasing print and the date set for handover. Given the scale of our machinery this was a very tight deadline to work under and I am glad to confirm that Hidden Assets were very much up to the task.  

In addition to the works, the team at Hidden Assets were an invaluable ally throughout the the process of negotiating with our landlord. They took the time to go through our lease agreement in detail, advised us on our obligations, and helped steer our discussions with the landlord to achieve considerable savings on our exit from the lease. 

With the project complete, we were given a comprehensive legacy folder complete with a third-party safety audit on the facility to demonstrate that the site was left in a clean and safe condition to everyone’s satisfaction.  

In summary: I can wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Assets Limited for your next major decommissioning project. 

Peter Slaughter
Director - Newspaper Operations
Financial Times

Hidden Assets were commissioned by the FT to decommission the London Print situated in Stratford East London. 

They have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  This is a highly professional outfit who can rightly claim to be experts in their field. From the drawing up of contracts through to the attention to detail with regard to Health and Safety, so important in today’s working environments, the FT would have been hard pressed to have chosen a better partner.

Removing printing presses is no easy task but Hidden Assets delivered on time and to budget with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. Throughout the process they supplied progress reports, offered intelligent and constructive comment around potential snag points and ran an exceptionally clean site.

Their considerable knowledge and experience gives them the ability to communicate effectively with property professionals and clients across the industry which is a very big plus.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to future potential clients.

Lee Robinson
Director - M&A/Strategy
McBride plc

Following the closure of one of our largest Powder and more complex manufacturing plants in the group in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, we were recommended Hidden Assets as a contractor who may be able to assist us. As a relatively bespoke challenge, through the tender process HA showed a level of expertise and came with a practical approach which gave us confidence in selecting them to undertake the work. One of the key benefits of the HA offer is that whilst being the Principal Contractor of the decommissioning work they were also able to take ownership of the residual equipment of the site and organise their sale or disposal. Having a more comprehensive exit strategy from a single provider made the process much more straightforward than it might have otherwise been.
Despite working within the challenge of the Covid pandemic Hidden Assets delivered the project as per the agreed timescale with a level of safety performance and housekeeping that was impressive throughout the project and were able to provide practical solutions to problems – which every project like this is bound to have – that we uncovered along the way. I had not come across HA or their business model before this exercise but would definitely recommend them as a one-stop shop for dilapidation and demolition services. Great job!

Mark Dyson
Group Technical Director
Scapa Group plc.

At the recommendation of a trusted third party partner company, and after an extensive initial consultation, we engaged Hidden Assets Ltd. to assist us with a controlled plant closure in Dunstable as we were moving production to an alternative location.
With the lease on the site extending back decades, extensive alterations to the premises had been made which needed to be addressed prior to handing the site back to our landlord. Hidden Assets worked alongside our team to devise a plan of works which would enable us to leave site in a dilapidations-ready state ahead of an upcoming break-clause in the lease.
The scope of works developed with HA provided a comprehensive solution to the project: They designed and implemented CDM protocols and waste management systems; conducted both soft and hard strip of site; undertook the removal of non-licensable asbestos; performed selective demolition work and carried out groundworks, including the removal (and decontamination) of external underground chemical storage tanks.
Throughout the project, HA maintained a legacy file which included detailed RAMS on all works conducted and a complete record of the outgoing waste stream from site. This comprehensive level of practical management and documentation provided a sound foundation for regular progress monitoring and review, ensured that proper waste-management strategies were followed, and ensured that works were conducted safely at all times.
In summary, HA conducted this complex project in a highly professional, adaptable and effective manner, delivering the project on time and on budget.

Phil Aitken
Print Operations Director
The Guardian


This note is to confirm our overall and absolute pleasure of working alongside such a professional business in completing the works associated within this project scope.

As you were aware from the outset Anthony, this project of taking our Print Centre in London and removing all the equipment as to present a building for surrender to the landlord, is not within the skill range of Guardian Media Group.

From outset the engagement where upon tenders where supplied and the programmed scope set was transparent and clear in every aspect. The timescale on this project was very tight set by the landlord for surrender and the activities where complex in removal of the production equipment and works associated in returning the building, as per the lease agreement. Many challenges arose within this project, but your support during tender for the works and ongoing to advise on engagement with the landlord allowed this process to be completed in 18 weeks, plus within budget.


The Guardian from outset felt this would be a long drawn out difficult process and with little budgetary control, Executive level nervousness was very evident. However, your advice support and the ability to guide the Guardian through this journey, is a true reflection of your business professionalism.

These supports ranged from accurate cost association and timescale analyses, to waste stream clarity and due diligence from a commercial perspective plus, an impeccable Health and Safety approach.

May I take this opportunity to wish yourself and your company all the very best for the future.  

Paul Brady
Operations Manager
The Telegraph


Under arrangement with the Guardian, the Telegraph undertook to dispose of its two Heidelberg presses in order to comply with the terms of the lease and storage arrangement it had with the Guardian at Trafford Park.

To carry out this work Hidden Assets were appointed to dismantle, remove and dispose of the presses and associated equipment and make good the area where the presses were sited including the surrounding areas. This work was to be carried out to a high standard ensuring that the making good was acceptable to the Guardian under the terms of the lease and storage agreement.

The work was completed in a timely fashion and ahead of schedule with few issues or delays, meaning the Telegraph could guarantee to the Guardian a final completion date, consequently meeting the terms of the storage agreement.

Mark Phelan
Senior Investment Engineer
Hovis Ltd. ​


After recent discussions I thought it would be appropriate to write to you to express my appreciation for the work undertake by Hidden Assets at our Leicester site. As you know at the time I was new to the Hovis business and was tasked with clearing the last remaining production line from this site and leaving the facility clean, clear and safe to return to the landlord.

With over 25 years of experience working in Engineering in the food industry and having been involved in a number of site closures and equipment clearances I can confidently say that working with yourself and your team was one of the better experiences I’ve had in relation to this kind of activity.

Hidden Assets were always helpful and professional throughout the whole process, delivered ahead of program and in line with specification. The whole process was managed to a very high standard particularly in relation to Health and Safety. Comprehensive documentation was handed over on completion of the project leaving Hovis in a good place to close out their lease arrangements with the Landlord.

Gareth Bowden
Group Procurement Manager
Ineos Enterprises

INEOS recently relocated their UK manufacture of UPVC to their main site at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham. This move necessitated the closure of our manufacturing facilities in Swindon, the decommissioning contract for which was put out to tender and awarded to Hidden Assets. The works required in that contract included the relocation of key assets from the closing site, equipment and civil decommissioning, as well as the strip-out and cleaning of our plant prior to handing the site back to our Landlords. This 12 week project was completed on time, in budget, and was carried out in line with their agreed scope of works without incident or delay. As such, we would not hesitate to work with Hidden Assets in the future, and can recommend them here with confidence.

Dougie Skinner
Facilities Fabrics Europer
W. L. Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd.


Just like to thank the Hidden Assets decommissioning team on successfully completing the removal of equipment within the site on-time and in a safe manner.

We found your team were professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The scope of works included the removal of large-scale equipment from our processing and wrapping lines and the extraction of a multi-bay 8x40m racking system with built-in cranes. All aspects of the decommissioning were conducted safely, with the project completed on time with minimal disruption. The working areas were left clean and cleared to an agreed standard.

I would not hesitate to recommend the decommissioning team to future clients.

Barry Hills
Director of Manufacturing
BTG International Ltd.


I just wanted to write a quite note to thank you for the recent decommission works, carried out by Hidden Assets at our site on Regents Drive in Prudhoe Northumberland.

Being a Pharmaceutical company, the level of compliance that we have to follow is second to none. Knowing that your team carried out the scope of works, compliantly and safely is something to be commended. As you were aware, other contractors had quoted timescales far beyond that to which we agreed. One thing is quoting something competitive, the next is to actually execute this to the given timeframe. This I can happily say your team achieved on time and in full. They even had time to leave the place swept and in good over all cleanliness.


The final positive to your completed works, was that of the asset management part of the scope. As employers I feel we all have a responsibility to minimise waste and impact on the environment where ever possible. By reusing the mezzanine floor and clean rooms, which were the largest parts of the project, drastically reduced the amount of waste from the site and sending far less to land fill that what was proposed by other contractors.

Thanks once again for the works that your team completed and best of luck for the future. 

Gary Charlton
Senior Project Manager
NSG Pilkington


NSG Watson Street Works (WSW) are a manufacturer of rolled patterned glass products. We are presently upgrading RP3 line to manufacture a new product to WSW which involves installing a production line from Germany. I am the Project Manager responsible for the relocation and Installation of this new line in WSW.

Hidden Assets were recently awarded the contract to strip out the old RP3 line In WSW to enable the Installation of the new product line from Germany. They were given an extremely tight timescale of 6 days to remove the equipment which consisted of conveyors, electrical MCC’s and large over head stackers with gantry steelwork.

They provided very detailed RAMS and followed them meticulously. They also came within our 6 day timescale. Hidden Assets were always helpful, pleasant and willing to adhere to slight changes in our scope. The site was also left In a clean, safe manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hidden Assets to prospective clients.

Mick Crawley
Operations Manager
Westferry Printers

Westferry Printers were, until closure on 29th March 2012, the largest newspaper printer in Europe. During the 27 years they operated at 235 Westferry Road, they produced 7 of the UK national daily newspaper and many of the regional titles, producing up to 27 Million newspapers per week. Between 1985 and 2003 the plant was continually invested in, at closure the plant contained 18 presses running up to 96 webs, plus all the ancillary supply and inserting equipment.

The plant had an 18MW, 11KV supply, and a whole floor of its 4 floors dedicated to air handling and dust collection plant. The site was just over 13 Acres in total.

I was the project Manager at WFP and responsible for the build of the new site (at Luton) and the decommissioning of the old site in London. Hidden Assets were awarded the contract to strip out the press lines and production equipment (approx 10,OOO tonnes) plus all the HV Transformer and Switchgear, as well as all the plant, and press supplies (Ink and Dampener Fluids). They were given 42 weeks in which to complete the project, and were to be responsible for all aspects of the removal, as I was only able to attend site 2-4 times a month. The scope of work given to Hidden Assets was extensive and required the complete removal of absolutely all internal equipment, without damaging the fabric of the building, which had to remain intact, and it all had to be removed through existing openings.

I am extremely pleased to say that not only did CA keep up with an extremely aggressive schedule, they exceeded expectations at all stages of the process, and completed ahead of schedule. This was despite delays caused by ourselves, not only at the start of the project, but during, by deciding to relocate 5 o f the 96 webs to our sister plant.

At all times CA were extremely co-operative and helpful. They accommodated and overcome our delays with minimal fuss or disruption and then left the site clean and secure for our future requirements.

I am happy to recommend their services to any prospective client.

Shawn Whitfield
Head of Engineering
BTG International Ltd.


Hidden Assets successfully completed the dilapidation and reinstatement programme for one of BTG’s sites in Germany, in a professional and efficient manner, within the agreed timeline and budget. This project included the packing and relocation of valuable equipment, the complete removal of a cleanroom suite and mezzanine floor, all completed to plan.

The timeline was aggressive and required HA’s team to work sustained long hours, demonstrating 100% commitment to completing the work order on time, in a safe, environmentally responsible and compliant way. HA ensured that BTG could hand the building back to the landlord in a clean, tidy and acceptable state, without any major issues. Hidden Assets have now completed two successful facility decommissioning projects, to a high standard of execution and commendable performance.

W. Stewart Lynch CMIOSH
Estates Engineering Manager D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.​


Hidden Assets successfully completed the decommissioning of our Glasgow production facility on time and within budget. The decommissioning was undertaken under CDM regulations and all conditions were met in a safe and efficient manner. Prior to engaging the company, I witnessed previous projects involving Hidden Assets in the UK. 

I found Mr. Lambert and his staff co-operative, efficient and thorough and I was given the fullest co-operation during this project. We subsequently engaged Hidden Assets for a further similar project.

Kevin Whittaker
Warehouse Team Leader
NSG Pilkington


Hidden Assets were introduced to our Kings Norton Automotive Division as an existing supplier from our head office. They were instructed by us to assist with our preparation for the ongoing rationalisation project within the group.

They fully understood the brief and carried out their works in a professional manner in line with their RAM’S. Some aspects of our sites expected Key Safe Behaviours (KSB’s) in relation to FLT movements had to be addressed but once highlighted the project ran smoothly and was completed ahead of schedule.

They left all their areas of work in a clean and safe condition.

In addition they have remotely assisted with providing a “cost neutral” solution to the site for an historic unsolved waste stream of plastics and polystyrene.

I would feel comfortable recommending them to other parts of our business.

Mick Crawley
Operations Manager
Westferry Printers


With the project now complete, I am pleased to confirm that Hidden Assets were exemplary in delivering on their proposal. They were never late with a rent payment, they maintained the site well, and successfully engaged clients for both internal and external areas of the site. Prior to sub-letting, Hidden Assets also undertook some large-scale renovations of the site, including complete renovation of the office complex for Transport for London as well as works to the yards, vanway and main reelstore area for a range of major companies including Laing O’Rourke, Mace Construction and London City Airport.

During this period, Hidden Assets managed all aspects of the site and sub-lets, vacating the site as soon as notice was served and handing the site back when we were ready to develop it. In light of this, as well as the considerable cost benefit to us which this approach provided, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to future prospective clients.